• High Jumping

    Olympic Journey x 5

    Age 5: Began competing in youth summer track and field, sprints and long jump.
    Age 12: Began high jumping at school, learned from a mail order instructional VHS tape.
    1993 Set the National High School high jump record at 6’4” (1.93m).
    1996 Atlanta Olympic Games
    1997 UCLA grad, academic All-American, five NCAA Championships, indoor and outdoor NCAA records.
    2000 Sydney Olympic Games
    2004 Athens Olympic Games- Fourth place
    2004: Married Tye Harvey, 19’5” pole vaulter, Renaissance man, and love of my life.
    2008 Beijing Olympic Games
    2010: My daughter was born.
    2012 London Olympic Games
    2013: My son was born.
    2014 Began training again.
    August 2015 World Championships in Track and Field
    welcome to agency Winning Edge

I believe in working hard with consistency over a very long period of time.

Inspiration Leta Andrews, Coaching Legend

Celebrate the human body as an amazing machine that can accomplish far more than we think.

Human Potential Limited by Imagination

I seek to improve my methods and knowledge in order to attain efficiency and progress.

Seeking Meaningful Data through Technology

Winnning is the ultimate manifestation of my efforts built on top of the gifts I was born with.

Target Rio 2016, 6th Olmpic Team

My Story

Although my areas of interest may seem non-congruent, to me they fit together very harmoniously. I am parked at the intersection of sports, health, and technology.

I graduated with a biology degree from UCLA, but my journey has led me to be immersed in systems that require a great deal of long-term dedication to begin to grasp the depth of them. The deeper I get, the more it seems there is to discover. From 2001-2005, I studied Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture in Austin, TX. In 2008, I started learning to code and program software via self-study. I love a big challenge and have never been afraid to go after one that is worthwhile. There is always the possibility of failure, but what you gain in the process always proves to be more valuable than the result. Winning is an amazing thrill and is hard to match. I would love to help equip others who are willing to put forth the effort to achieve success, and so I named my company Winning Edge Apps.

Mother of Two

The human body is resilient. Having kids gives laser focus your time management skills.

Tech Entrepreneur

I love coding! Technology can take the guessing game out of training.


Traditional Chinese Medicine is an amazing system for observing nature and health.

High Jumper

What an honor to represent my country more than once!

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